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Help my vase is too large, tall and/or wide.  How can I make my flowers fit nicely?

Always In Blossoms stemmed flowers are on 8.5" stems and the size of the flowers are always noted in each listing.  A popular wedding and home decor centerpiece uses a canning jar as a vase.  These are very wide but filling the jar at least half way with sand works perfectly!  You can also use flower foam, crumpled paper or paper strips, decorate glass stones or rocks will also work well to hold your stems in place.


I'd like a wreath for my front door, do your flowers fade?

Unfortunately Always In Blossom Flowers will fade in sunlight, but if you want to put your flowers in front of your window or on your door in direct sunlight, we have a solution that will keep your flowers vibrant for much longer!  Spray a few coats of clear spray paint on your flowers to keep the color longer.


I'd like to send my mom flowers for her birthday, is this possible?

Certainly!  Just put your mom's address on the "ship to" page when checking out.  Our flowers on stems come wrapped in tissue paper, ready for gift giving.  Our loose flowers are packaged nicely and we do have a gift wrap option for those.


I really love the 3" scalloped flowers on stems and I love the a certain color in your 1.5" flowers, can you make the 3" scalloped in that color?

Absolutely!  We may not have that listed yet, but if you see something in the shop, we can usually make the switch!  It is best to ask first. We currently have 33 solid colors, 2 shimmery/metallic colors and a dozen specialty pages like book and maps. (Although some of the specialty pages are limited on the size flower we can make.)


Can I see a list of colors?

Primary Red                   



Neon Pink               


Dark Orange           

Bright Orange     


Matte Gold

Bright Yellow                   

Pastel Yellow           

Neon Yellow       

Primary Green       

Neon Green                   

Mint Green               

Aqua Blue         

Bright Blue             

Royal Blue                     

Navy Blue                 

Pastel Blue       

Dark Teal               


Dark Purple               


Orchid  Purple       


Light Gray                 

Kraft Gray         


Kraft Brown                     





Shimmery Metallic Gold                                 

Shimmery Metallic Silver


Sheet Music                                     

Atlas Book Page                                         

Road Map **                                   

Novel Book Page **                                         

Kids Picture Book Page                   

Bible Story Book Page**                         

Religious Song Book Page             

Comic Book Page                                             

Black & White Comic Book Page     

Japanese Manga Book Page **           

Cookbook Page **                             

Dictionary*  **


What sizes and styles flowers do you currently make can be put on stems?

1.5" rolled flower in both a straight top and in a scalloped top... all papers above without (*) can be made into these.

life like rose can be made from 2-8"... all papers above can be made into these... some specialty pages with ** cannot be made into 6, 7 or 8"

3" rolled flower in both a straight top and in a scalloped top... all papers above without (**) can be made into these.

2" 2.5" 3" Daisy ... all papers above can be made into these.


I want a bridal bouquet with ribbon wrapped stems in flowers of my choice and matching boutonniere, can this be done?

We would be happy to!  Just let us know what flowers you like!



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